RE Registration

Religious Education Registration Information

2019 Confirmation will be Sunday March 31


$75 per child
Sign up before June 1st for a $10 PER CHILD discount!
Family Max (excludes retreat fee where applicable): $250
Fees are waived for children of catechists and aides or other Religious Ed. Volunteers.
Confidential financial assistance is available, contact Jen for information.


June 1st: for $10 per child discount!
July 1st: ALL REGISTRATIONS DUE!!! We ask that you get your registrations in by July 1st so that we are able to recruit enough volunteers to teach the classes. If we don’t know how many students there are, we may not have enough teachers!
Sebtember 1st: All Catholic school confirmation registrations should be in!

Any non-parishioner seeking to be Confirmed at St. Bartholomew must submit a letter of permission from their Pastor with their registration!!!(St. Joseph Parishioners exempt)

Baptismal Certificates:

After registering this year, we are asking that an original baptismal record with an official seal be submitted for each student. This will help to reduce paperwork for sacramental years. By keeping the certificates on file throughout their formation at St. Bartholomew Parish parents will not have to resubmit them for First Communion and Confirmation. After this year, only students new to the program will be asked to submit a baptismal certificate. No certificate is needed for students baptized at St. Bartholomew. If you have any questions, or need help obtaining an official certificate, please call or email Jen at 781-444-3434.

Online Registration Form

Check back in March for 2019-2020 Registration

Printable Form

Check back in March for 2019-2020 Registration

Please drop off or mail to: 1180 Greendale Avenue, Needham, MA 02492