Live Stream Copyright Info

Live Stream Copyright Info

July 5  Streaming Copyright information:

Permission to podcast/stream the following music in this service obtained from ONE LICENSE, with License #A 602442. All rights reserved.

Immaculate Mary:  Text: 11 11 with refrain; anon. in Parochial Hymn Book; Boston, 1897;rev. of Hail Virgin of virgins, by Jeremiah Cummings, 1814–1866, alt. Music: Trad. Pyrenean Melody, pub. Grenoble, 1882; alt. by Augustus Edmonds Tozer, 1857–1910. All rights reserved.

Prayer of St. Francis:  Sebastian Temple.  Dedicated to Mrs. Francis Tracy. Text: Based on the prayer traditionally ascr. to St. Francis of Assisi, 1182–1226. Text and Music © 1967 OCP. All rights reserved. 

Open My Eyes: Text: Mark 8:22-25. Text and music © 1988, 1999, Jesse Manibusan. Published by OCP Publications. All rights reserved.

America the Beautiful. Materna.  Text: CMD; Katherine L. Bates, 1859–1929. Music: Samuel A. Ward, 1848–1903. All rights reserved.