Live Stream Copyright Info

Live Stream Copyright Info

Sept. 27  Streaming Copyright information:

Permission to podcast/stream the following music in this service obtained from ONE LICENSE, with License #A 602442. All rights reserved.

Glory and Praise to Our God: Dan Schutte.  Text: Based on Psalms 65, 66. Text and music © 1976, OCP. All rights reserved.

The Cry of the Poor: Text: Based on Psalm 34:2–3, 18–19a, 19b–20, 4. Text and music © 1978, 1991, John B. Foley, S.J., and OCP. All rights reserved.

Let Us Break Bread Together: Text: 10 10 with refrain. Text and music: Spiritual. All rights reserved.

On Eagles Wings: Michael Joncas. Text: Based on Psalm 91. Text and music © 1979, OCP. All rights reserved.