A Note from Fr. Derek

A Note from Fr. Derek

Dear Friends,

I’m sure I’m not the only one among us to be relieved that the state primary elections are over and done with. The society in which we live today is one that is very politically charged. In the year 2020, many different issues have surfaced that we need to be attentive to in our own lives, families, community and nation.

The Catholic Church has a policy of not endorsing parties or candidates but does recognize itself as being an important voice in the formation of public policy in our nation.  Every four years the Catholic bishops of the United States update and put forth a document called “Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship.” In this document, the bishops reflect on Catholic teaching and the political life, apply Catholic teaching to some major issues, summarizing the Catholic positions, and put forth some goals for citizens, candidates and public officials.

I’m recommending this document for your reading now, rather than in November, as it is more than fifty pages long, and it also is information that should be carefully pondered and digested. Because of its length I am going to provide the link to find the PDF document online. It is much too long to print up and distribute. If, however, there are individuals who do not “do computers” or Internet, please call the office and we can see about getting a copy for you.  The link to the document can be found here:


One final word. Please bear in mind that this document was finalized and voted on almost a year ago, at the bishops’ meeting in November, 2019. This is before the pandemic started and issues of racial justice and equality were highlighted once again.  I’m sure if it were being written today, some areas might have had more attention.  Statements of individual bishops on more recent matters should be easy to find on the Internet.

Fr. Derek