Stewardship: A Way of Life 

Stewardship: A Way of Life 

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If there is one emotion that we should all feel this Lent despite all that seems to be imploding around us, it is gratitude. How much more blessed can one be when one has a home, a bed to sleep in warmly, food in our house, people that we love and those who love us, a church to pray in alone and with others, a priest and his staff ready to assist us in anyway they can, safety in our  surroundings, this winter weather, good health, and if not, the best medical help anyone could ask for. This space is not long enough for all our blessings to be listed.

How is our relationship with Jesus’ mother? Mary is such a gift and blessing to us. She asked us to use her as a conduit to her Son. She asked us to pray to her for peace in this world. Do we? She is the Mother of us all. She is love personified. She has appeared to us a variety of times in different parts of the world. Do you know where they were and what she said? Take this Lenten journey and find out. If you have experienced suffering, Mary is there with you, if only you talk with her. If love is a problem, no mother loved more or suffered more for her child. “… And a sword shall pierce your heart…”

‘Thank you Lord for the gift of life and for giving me this day.’ The simple act of waking up is a gift that we should acknowledge with gratitude. Not everyone will be given this gift each day. Gratitude is a way of life. Love so great that He gave His life for us in the most gruesome way. Gratitude? Opening up the gates of heaven to us for all eternity—gratitude? Many of the saints were so into love and gratitude for our Lord that they willing gave up their lives in service or death. Come to know the saints this Lent. They were real people. Make gratitude your way of life this Lent. It really is a very short time to review our whole life and to develop new ways for whatever time comes next. Gratitude, a grateful way to live.

by Kathy Reilly