Stewardship: A Way of Life 

Stewardship: A Way of Life 

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We have opinions negative, positive, or indifference, but we cannot claim to not know something about our electronic devices. Most all of us use a device at sometime. We keep in  touch with those far away; we find out the plane is late and so can go to the airport later; we check in with schedules; we view our medical appointments; we make reservations; and so much more. But think for a moment. How many times when we have used our devices, could we not have talked to someone on the telephone? How much of our device usage is replacing our personal contacts? Think: “How are you? Fine” on a screen. Now “How are you in person on the phone? Fine.” Fine means relatively little as a typed word. But the sound of the voice may tell you an   entirely different story—“FINE”? We can hear and feel emotions that allow us to touch each other that cannot be matched on a device.

Our personal relations in many ways are suffering. Nothing beats the intimacy of personal contact. And in a person to person     conversation, many more issues come to the front and so many more ideas develop. Happy, sad, informative, and so much more is explored. There seems in many ways a finality to the printed word, no matter the device. But it is so much cheaper to email, etc. Maybe. But what is truly the cost of lost personal relationships in the personal touch. And your devices do cost you   money. Many people, particularly the elderly, live alone. And while any contact is of value, nothing beats someone saying to you ‘I have been thinking of you’ in a real voice. Our friends and families are all over the country. But nothing beats grandparents hearing the little or teen age voices of those we love.

Plugged in scam!!! We all have to plug in somewhere and charge our devices or they are of no use at all. TV news showed us  that many new charging stations are showing up in the park, at the airport, etc. If these charging stations are NOT attached permanently, unable to be moved by touch, they are a scam. And these people are putting  these temporary charging stations out in public places that make it easy for us to use—quick and convenient. When you use them, the ‘scammers’ now have complete access to all info on your phone—money, your charge info, bank  numbers, etc.— anything that is on your personal device has now been transferred to the scammers device. This stealing of info happens almost immediately.  And you have no idea what just     happened. Be aware!

I know that many of us are using our devices to explore ideas, research info to educate ourselves and many more useful purposes. Keep going! This is very worthwhile. But pause for a moment when you go forth to punch the on key.  Is this a time   maybe to make a call instead? “I’ve missed you. How are you really? What did the doctor say ? Congratulations! “ And so much more.

by Kathy Reilly