Stewardship: A Way of Life 

Stewardship: A Way of Life 

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Should we believe everything that we see? Or should we realize that while we all might see the same thing/situation, our personal interpretations of such can be very different. If anyone has taken an introductory psychology course, you will experience this. One of the first classes will have a situation where a person comes into the class and talks to the teacher and then walks out.  A few minutes later the teacher will ask each member of the class to write down a description of what just happened. When the teacher reads the answers, there are as many variations as there are members of the class.  Different sexes, different or no clothing descriptions, different descriptions of the interaction, etc.. You get the point. Concentrations, observations abilities, distractions, and any other personal bias affect the outcome. This is true as well in witnesses to an auto accident or a fire or whatever.

When we see poverty, how do we react? When we see abuse, what is our emotional, if any,  reaction?  Someone has a few drinks and is quite loud. Loud because a few drinks is too many. Or loud because that is normal for this person even without any drinks. What was our judgement? And unfortunately, we do tend to make judgements based on what we see. A very few of us might see the same thing the same way. But is there any possibility that we could see something  objectively—for what it is— with no assumption, judgement, perception or ‘correct’ conclusion? I see blue; no you correct, it is green.

How does our ability differ, if I am optimistic and you are pessimistic in nature? A child walking down the street with Mom. The child looks filthy—clothes, hair, skin etc. Is this child neglected and maybe abused? Or did you notice the child’s face? Totally happy, a slight skip to the walk, and a small gift in the hand indicating that the child must have come from a great party—hence, dirty from games and play.

First impressions are lasting, it is said. But when I met her and called her name, she walked away.  SNOB! No, she is hard of hearing, which I did not know, and probably did not hear my call. There are so many variables in life to which early and easy conclusions are made. Some positive and some not so positive by us. The only call that we should all hear clearly is that from God. But could we even agree on that? Maybe the truest answer that  we should start finding is to analyze    ourselves whenever we find ourselves in a situation for which a judgement pops up in our heads—especially, if we KNOW that we are right and the others around us are not. All of our senses are gifts from God. But we His creations are all  unique. There are no good vs. bad virtues in this uniqueness. We are all loved abundantly. No misinterpretations allowed.

by Kathy Reilly