Stewardship: A Way of Life 

Stewardship: A Way of Life 

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This quotation has been used lately as we pray and communicate  to the best of our Catholic ability the seriousness of the abortion issue in this country. We have just passed the anniversary of the Supreme Court ruling law allowing abortions and we now have new concerns about the additions proposed making it even more dangerous for body and soul. There have been marches, prayer vigils, Congress appointments, and as many ways to promote the immediate need we see to halt these new ‘advances’ as well as address the original law as the faithful could conceive. It is critical for all Catholics to know and understand this issue. If we cannot actively participate our concerns, then pray we can do. And we must. Our Creator has designed this huge quilt we call our world.  And as every quilter knows, when one slipped or lost stitch is allowed, the effect is felt all over.

Abortion does not involve principally just one person, the mother. And our first reaction to her is usually a negative judgement. The decision to follow through with this decision is one that remains with her forever, even as later she might immediately regret having made it. We, the people of God, must be tuned into our world and the people we know well and those we barely know. People in distress are the threads we must catch before they unravel. And the poor unsuspecting child is what the whole world loses. What great miracles might these lost children have given us?  We are all created by the only Creator designer that matters.  And as the little rumpled boy in the poster reminds us “God don’t make no junk!”

But there is more than one way to lose what He has given us. Those who wish suicide, those who wish to control the end of life issue, those in such depression that reality is out of their ability, those who have been given talents but refuse to use them, those who have been given time to live and waste it, and in so many other ways we forget that God gave us the privilege of every breath we have.  And yet we waste them, especially when we become so self absorbed that anything that does not concern us directly is of no concern at all.

Talk to God we must. Listen to Him as He whispers. All talk and no listening does NOT work. We now live in a world when our doorbell can do most everything except balance our checkbooks. Can we all not be just as aware as our doorbells of what is going on around us?

by Kathy Reilly