Stewardship: A Way of Life

Stewardship: A Way of Life


For this scenario you will have young, supple, no replacement knees. Why?  Because the question being asked and pondered is ‘When was the last time you felt so awed by God that you felt the need to sink to your knees in thanksgiving and prayer?’ Maybe it was something that you saw (sunset) or heard (music) or maybe you were so overwhelmed by an emotion that words were impossible. Hopefully, everyone has had such experiences more than once. God gives us these moments every day of our lives. The only problem or disappointment are that we don’t recognize them.

First, we have to recognize that all gifts come from God. They are not earned by us, but given freely by God. Starting this morning, did we open our eyes and thank God for the gift of life and this day in which we will experience it. We may have a few aches and pains, but we are alive and witnesses to all of God’s creation. Nobody that I know is lucky. Everybody that I know is blessed, truly blessed, no matter our earthly issues.

We live in a country that from its conception has honored thanksgiving. Its new people sought and found a way to live, love, and worship, although difficult, in freedom. Today, despite all the ‘problems’ in this country, we, who live here, are blessed. If we need a reason to say this, just look around at the rest of the world and fall on our knees and say a thanks  to our Creator.

Our day of public thanksgiving may have ended but the concept hopefully lives on in each of us constantly. And now it will be Advent. Could any one of us ever conceive of the Savior of the world arriving as a new born? Would our finite brains have only thought that the Son of God would have arrived as a fully grown man bearing His list of rules from the Father. The baby, Jesus, is truly awesome in the most important sense of the word. (Pizza is NOT awesome etc.!)  And in His conception, His family, His life, His Father, His teachings, we should fall to our knees in wonder and thanksgiving that we have been given a witness and a faith to accept. Advent should not be lost in our panic to shop. The commercial  Christmas is just that —a commercial. Advent is our church’s gift to us, to stop, to look, to listen to the miracle that is about to happen. Jesus is our gift of thanksgiving as a way of life, our salvation, and a reminder that this life is finite. Life with Him, His Father, His Mother, is a gift for all of our eternity. A concept such as this should make us fall on our knees and wonder just how we became worthy to be called to this forever gift.

by Kathy Reilly