Stewardship: A Way of Life

Stewardship: A Way of Life

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Recently for my grandson’s birthday-9- when I asked him what he would like for a present, he said “a big cross to wear around his neck.” Joy to the world!!! I had to buy 2 crosses—one to get a sturdy chain and the other was a more desirable cross. There was such happiness on his face when I gave it him—eyes shining! I explained that this was not a toy and he agreed. I also suggested that he get Father Derek to bless it. OK. Weeks later I asked him why he wanted a cross. He replied that all the baseball players wore them so that they could hit more home runs.  He plays in little league.

Autistic children do not lie. Lying involves too difficult mind set to remember what you said that was not true. Lying is just too complicated. So you will get, sometimes, very blunt truths. These truths are reality, but not necessarily the reality that  you would expect. For example: an autistic child is sent into a room to say goodbye to certain person and then returns to you. When asked if he/she said goodbye, the answer is ‘yes.’ Reality situation: seeing the person that the child was sent to say goodbye to, the child sees this person engaged in conversation with another. So the child goes up to his back and says goodbye. The person is unaware that the child had come up to his back. When asked if you said goodbye, the child says ‘yes.’ He did say goodbye. That is the truth.

People skills are individual. Most of us are products of our rearing and what habits we were taught. These habits are not  necessarily the same for everyone, while at the same time, the end result may be the same. We tend to make judgements of people when he/she does not do something the way we think that he/she should have done it. No one is right and no one is necessarily wrong. The truth of the situation is just different in the way the action is carried out.

“Judge not that you may be judged’ says the Lord. It is necessary that when we make judgements, opinions, or whatever you wish to call it, we become aware of what we are doing and ask ourselves, if this thinking is good and proper. Jumping to a conclusion is very difficult to stop unless you are a person who lives so within yourself that the whole world goes by without you noticing anything or anyone. I will make a judgement  that that is not a particularly Christian way to live.

by Kathy Reilly