Stewardship: A Way of Life

Stewardship: A Way of Life


WORDS!! God gave us His words to explain the meaning for our lives and how to live life. He gave us words, millions and millions of them, for us to say in our life time. These words have given us a connection to each other and thus prevented a severe loneliness, a very undesired way of life in silence. When He asked His disciples to say certain words and they said, ‘I can’t speak them’ He said ‘you can because I will put them in your mouth.’ Many a times we have said something and wondered where this thought or these words came from. Sometimes we search for the right words, but do not always find them. Other times, they come out just right and will be remembered even after we are gone. How did we become so brilliant?

The ability to speak the words that we need at the time that we need them is essential to a successful life. But sometimes our perceived mistake is not really that at all. Only something said that we did not intend to say. Our connection to others  to express our needs, our hopes, our desires, our emotions, our thoughts, our beliefs, our ambitions, and so much more are the reason for this example below.

Recently, reading an obituary of a 79 year old woman who gave her life to teaching reads as follows: She started teaching in girls’ schools as she had attended them herself. She worked in several school systems before she was appointed the head of a very prominent private girls’ school. One of her deep concerns had always been ‘how do I prepare these girls to be successful and achieve in life especially in the work world dominated by men.’ She believed that through sports games, teams, competitions, girls will learn one of life’s most important lessons. How to lose and get up and go on. The world does not end with a loss in your life. Against all those around her who did not believe that girls needed anything more than a good academic ‘education’, she persisted, formed teams and after several seasons, had some championship teams. The girls grew in strength and self worth and as graduates proved her correct in their successes (and thanksgiving).  Attitudes changed in many places as the head stuck to her beliefs and swam upstream against the current. The final statement in the obit was from her husband who said that “she was the kindest person that I have ever known.” Powerful words!!!!

by Kathy Reilly