Stewardship: A Way of Life

Stewardship: A Way of Life

Sharing:  Time Talent  Treasure


Love is:
1. When someone shares their French fries with you
2. When my sister lets me have her clothes when she is too big for  them
3.   When Grandma reads to Grandpa because her glasses work better
4.   When my dog licks my face when I am crying
5.   When someone kisses me  ‘good night’  before I go to sleep
6.   When someone smiles at me just when I need it
7.   When I go to my happy place and then I feel happy
8.   Being in God’s house
9.  When someone special (big or little),  looks at you in a way that no other does

This list hopefully could go on much longer in every person. Have we ever thought about life without love? Thank you God for Your creation of the emotion of love.  And as is with all of His Creations, He wishes them to be used, protected, and given back multiplied. When we love, we are inviting God into our lives as well. For  without Him, there is no love. There are many kinds of love.  There are many different situations for love to be present.  Love is outer directed. It starts in me and then goes forth in many directions,  for many different reasons,  to many different people in numerous ways depending on circumstances and with whom the love is directed. The depth and truth of our love is up to us. When uncertainty or fear or with any of the negative or lacking emotions are present, love is more important than ever. Love is grounding. Love can be joyous and usually is. But sometimes it can be painful. Never give up on love.  Never stop loving.  Never get discouraged if one feels that one is giving more than getting. Love is generous  and should never be measured. Love is given and love is received.  Give thanks to our God for both. Life is ongoing and mostly unpredictable. The more one gives. The more love lives in each of us.  “Life is good” the tee shirt says.  But just how good depends on how much we love.  Store it up in your heart and not your closet.

By Kathy Reilly