Stewardship: A Way of Life

Stewardship: A Way of Life

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Webster:  a.  a cause of astonishment or admiration   b. marvel–miracle  c.  the quality of exciting amazed      admiration…..etc.   A recent ad in a magazine invited you to live in a ‘sense of wonder’ in an assisted living facility in the woods of Maine.  The word ‘awesome’ will not be used here as it has been beaten to death and lost its true value.  SO…let us consider if we, as adults, have experienced wonder lately in our lives.  And if we have, were we aware of its power?  Wonder is a special God gift.  And it is not restricted to children who are just learning about the world around them as they experience new adventures every day.  A sense of wonder can be seen all over their faces in joy with each new experience.

Wonder is a God experience. He created it and gave it away for all to enjoy.  But have we become so dulled that nothing is new, joyous, unexpected, or even noticed any more.  Nothing that we process happens without first coming to us through our senses. (more gifts!)  And wonder is one of the highest sense reactions that we can have and then transferred to our intellect to process.  Seeing beauty; hearing something that touches our       emotions profoundly; smelling or tasting food when we are so hungry; smelling nature when we are part of it; or touching a newborn, a work of art, each other when we are most in need of this touch.

A magnificent sunset is wondrous to most.  But to many, it was never noticed or seen.  How sad. God gives us His little moments–miracles every day and we fail to pay attention.  Also sad because without these moments, our lives are so ordinary and uneventful.  All of creation passes us by without thanks to our Creator for them or thanks to our God for giving His children another chance to experience His wonder.  To wonder is a great spiritual and joyous way to live.  “LIFE–BE IN IT!”  We are currently living in the world of recycling.  Let us experience, recycle, share God’s wondrous gifts every day, alone and with each other.  Speak up.  Point out.  And glow in wonder!  Wonder is never dull!

By Kathy Reilly