Stewardship: A Way of Life

Stewardship: A Way of Life

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“So I ask the Master of the harvest to send out  laborers for His harvest.”

“… Behold I am sending you like lambs among wolves…”  (Luke)

Do we lazily think of the fields that need attention in this quote or do we ever take this message a little further in our thinking. Who are the laborers? The Master is pretty clear. Our God is talking to us all, the laborers. Obviously, He was talking to His disciples as they were being dispersed to   covert the unbelievers in this Gospel passage. But there is a far more reaching meaning for today, if we wish to contemplate it. God, the Father, has created it all, everything in this world including you and me. For what? For His honor and glory? Can we make His life better, if we are better? No. But we can honor Him and give Him thanksgiving, if we carry on the disciples work and if we treasure the gifts in this world that He has given us. He has placed us in this time and in this place and with these people that we know, love, like, and with those that we do not know.

What should we do in this situation? Nothing is not acceptable. Neither is existing in our own little world acceptable.

It has been said that ‘it is only work, if you would rather be someplace else.’ Is it too much work to be a Christian?  Is it too much work to show others that you love and live as a Christian? Is it too much work that when others need help we can’t find the time or interest? Is it too much work that when we find some situation unacceptable, we don’t want to volunteer to assist in helping or do we just complain because it is easier? Is life too much work? Are the complications of life just too over whelming? Have you ever watched a baby learning to walk? How many times do they fall down, get up, try again, and usually with a happy face? Life was never promised to be fair or easy. Not all babies can get up. But any of us living in this country have been given special gifts from God despite our political views. And falling down and not getting up is not how we were divined. Neither is ignoring the 2nd greatest  Commandment. If we live long enough, our lives change and sometimes not in ways that we like. We lose, family, friends, jobs, health, mobility, financial security, independence. But unless we lose our minds, withdrawing from some participation in life is not honoring God either. Baby steps are very acceptable. Nobody can tell someone else what is right. But neither can we not wrestle with ourselves in how to reach out to make some kind of contribution to life. How can we contribute to converting the space that we live in for the better; our home; the town/country we are part of; the church where we reach out to God for help, mercy, comfort, blessings, love; how can we say thank you to so many in so many different ways? A smile? A kind word? A prayer for …..? So many ways, if only we put our minds to our individual lives.

“…I am sending you like lambs among the wolves.” God didn’t give them acceptable excuses not to.  And neither did He give us a way out. “lambs among the wolves” Why do there always seem to be more wolves?

by Kathy Reilly