Stewardship: A Way of Life

Stewardship: A Way of Life


“This is the day the Lord has made. Be in it.”  “Love one another as I have loved you.” “Behold now is a very acceptable time: behold, now is the day of salvation.” (2 Corinthians 6:2)

You know what, Lord. Today is a day that I feel even salvation is a thought that is too heavy for my contemplation. Pray, pray, yes I know. But today I do not feel like I have enough energy to concentrate on prayer. So where does that leave me, especially in relation to You and also to others. Can I answer the call to anyone today? I am not sure. Is it the weather? Is this seasonal? Would the psy people call it depression? Today, I am fine except I need a day off. So here goes.

We humans are generally good people. On most days in most ways we answer the call to respond as we should. We believers usually welcome and enjoy doing what You have asked of us. We are grateful for the services and people of the church who guide and provide us with the means to grow closer to You and to focus on what is important in life as we are succumbing to our distractions. There is so much evil in this world that we pray for Your goodness to overcome it. We are sadden, when good people have unfortunate things happen to them. We moan when our country loses its moral leadership. We are upset when our church fail us with its human weaknesses which result in some of our loved ones leaving its worship. Today, I am tired of it all. So what am I to do? Today, I will talk to You and unload all of my anxieties. Please listen.

Today, might be the best day with God. Bringing Him into one’s daily life is what He wants. It is the best kind of prayer. When Jesus was stressed, He always removed Himself from others, into the garden, up to the mountain or wherever. Then He could talk to his Father. Being alone with ones’s own thoughts is a good thing. Being alone can bring clarity to one’s thoughts and added strength to one’s body. Doing nothing and telling God that is what you need is important. Talk to God—the One that will never fail to listen. It can be very refreshing to know that God is always there just waiting for us to turn to Him, when that is exactly what we need.

Today, I resign from the “To Do List”. Today, I will walk alone with You. And maybe not even answer the phone, the text, or whatever. I am pretty sure the world will not come to an end. Correct? You created it all and rested on the 7th. You know what I am talking about. Today, I will listen to the quiet that You have created and ignore the noise that we humans create. Today is my 7th day. You understand.

by Kathy Reilly