Stewardship: A Way of Life

Stewardship: A Way of Life

Sharing:  Time Talent  Treasure


If one pictures the life of a shepherd as Jesus frequently did, we must conclude that Jesus did this because this life is one of caring, sharing, protection, and the giving of one’s own life, if necessary, in the protection of his flock. Being a good steward reflects just this way of life. We have the parable of the master who gave some of his wealth to three of his caretakers to manage while he was away. We know the results. Some managed and cared for it and increased its worth. While another   buried it and returned it as it was, much to the disappointment of the master. Why the disappointment? Our Creator has given us a perfect world and each other to be stewards of.  And what has each of us done with our own little part?

Summer/life is just one part of this wonderful Creator gift. And what do we do with it? Do we ignore God by taking a vacation from Him? Do we forget the sharing of our gifts with our home church? And do we support our summer church properly? How conscious are we of the protection of God’s house against possibly having it close? Are we generous with anyone who needs a summer experience that we can offer and share? Are we thankful for any experience we can afford that makes this season different and joyous from the others? “Life is good” as the tee shirt says. But it requires work, joyfully and with sharing. None of us is alone. We are part of so much of humanity–family, neighborhood, church, town, nation, clubs, and so on. How often do we think of how much we could and do contribute to making these groups better because of our membership?

Some people would like to just turn off in summer. And in these stress filled times in which we live, this can be very necessary. But for how long? Relaxing and being unconscious are two different states. When given a gift for   Christmas, opening it on July 4th is a bit of an acceptable stretch. Have a wonderful summer as its season gifts us. Enjoy family, friends, places and games. But as God’s own children, we must stay aware. And to avoid the   master’s disappointment, let’s make the gifts that we give each other with a greater love than ever before. God’s way of life is our way of life, summer and all year round. As His children, all He has ever wanted for us is to      experience His love and to experience our love for each other.

Be joy filled! Summer demands it. The days are longer and the sun warmer. How are we going to spend this increased wealth?

by Kathy Reilly