Stewardship: A Way of Life

Stewardship: A Way of Life

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At some point in most everyone’s life there is a time when these words from Jesus are hard to live by. Our faith accepts Jesus’ desire for us to have His peace and to live without being ‘troubled or afraid.’ But we are all human and life’s difficulties do present themselves, often without warning. Consequently, we are left to deal with them. Some have to do this alone. And others may have a great support system of family and friends. But still we are all alone in our personal reaction to these problems that have found their way to our door step. And how are we going to handle these issues every day, day after day, without any knowledge of when they may end. These troubling issues can be financial, health, interpersonal relations, job, education, and the list continues in every facet of our lives. The  results or endings of these problems are unknown until the end arrives, either successfully or even possibly fatally. “Trust in Me” Jesus has asked of us. And whatever way our life takes its turns, we have to remember that Jesus is with us always. If our strengths weaken, He never does in His support and love for us. TRUST is hard when we feel our lives are threatened or those around us also may be.  And how easy is it to trust others when we are no longer in control of this troubling situation or the solution?

I have never spoken so personally in this column that I have been privileged to write as I do now. I have met so many people that I probably would not have met, but do meet because of something said that strikes a note of meaning that resonates and so we ‘talk’. For these conversations or comments I thank you profusely. However, as I previously mentioned last December, my husband, Dick, got food poisoning which would not go away. He was then diagnosed with stomach cancer. A shock to be sure. We are not alone with this health surprise as this ugly disease affects more people than one can count. But here we are in the middle of the best medical care in the world. And Dick got it.  Are we lucky? No, we are blessed. No words can express our gratitude to our Oncologist and the angel nurses that took care of him for these last 6 months. But this is not the whole story. The whole story cannot be told without mentioning the numbers who have prayed for him. I cannot count the numbers or from which directions in our lives they came. Some people we know, but so many we do not know well. From every  aspect of our lives,  beginning in this wonderful parish to which we belong, they prayed. People who know our children prayed; people who are neighbors (not church goers) prayed; people who stopped me in the various stores that I would be in prayed; people whose faces I recognized, but did not know well prayed; for 6 months the heavens have been stormed with prayers for Dick. Some people might question why we were so open with this news as opposed to keeping it to ourselves. Look at what we would have missed! A million plus prayers and well wishes that were heard. God granted us a great blessing—last week’s body scan showed no cancer cells. We are not over the monthly checks for the coming year. But he is home and starting his next battle—-recovery. We hope you all will share in our blessed euphoria as without your prayers who knows what might have happened. Prayers are our most powerful medicine. Share your need for them and you will never know how extensive is the response. God listens. And you all made a lot of noise! So many thanks we owe!!!  THANK YOU ALL

by Kathy Reilly