Stewardship: A Way of Life

Stewardship: A Way of Life

Sharing:  Time Talent  Treasure


No person who has ever ridden in a car with a child has not heard this phrase whether the journey is for one hour or one whole day. Often we, adults, might think the same but we usually don’t say it out loud. And the following thought to contemplate is how fast the ride home is in comparison. Why? Hopefully, all the good trip memories are keeping us occupied and so time passes quickly.

Is our Lenten journey just the opposite? Are we there yet? Easter is 2 weeks away. Next Sunday is Palm Sunday. Has this journey toward something passed too quickly for us to do what we had planned in   advance? So instead of wanting the end (Easter) to come more quickly, we want time to slow down so we can catch up with our good intentions from  many weeks ago. And the good memories that usually follow a journey might not be so this time. Will we be left with regrets or even some ‘guilt’ because we should have done more?

Life gets in the way! God does not, by all accounts, have a big black book in which He checks off your good and not so good moments in life. There is probably not a column –good intentions- in which you get completed check marks or not. Life is made up of more spontaneous moments that occur as opposed to the fulfilling of all our perfectly planned moments. How we deal with our every day moments is what our life is all about–impatience, generosity, smiling, helping another when you want to go in another direction, speaking and acting lovingly, etc. Has your Lenten period been different from your usual every day life?  Have you thought of or talked to God more   frequently? Have you said I’m sorry when it is needed to be said? Have you hugged more and muttered to yourself and overheard by God how grateful you are for your blessings? If you have invited Jesus into your life during this period, your journey is a good one. A little more prayer, a little abstinence, more sharing of your blessings, are still available to you before the end of this journey. Slow down and notice the signs. Then the  memories on the way home will be the best. TIME, TALENT, TREASURE  makes you the good steward He wants you to be.  It is a way of life, not just a 40 day endurance test.