Stewardship: A Way of Life

Stewardship: A Way of Life

Sharing:  Time Talent  Treasure


Are these questions appropriate to consider during Lent? Is our impression during the Lenten season one of darkness, suffering, deprivation, joyless? One important question in Lent has always been “COULD YOU NOT WATCH ONE HOUR WITH ME?”

TRUTH is beautiful. As we consider Jesus’ life, teachings, and journey to His death during this Lenten period, the TRUTH of Him is a spiritual wonder for every Christian that should be life changing. The TRUTH of Him has remained for over two thousand years. The beauty of this TRUTH is everlasting. And each of us needs to dwell on this alone and together as Christians. TRUTH can change the world. And the joy we should possess in our TRUTH will be evident to a world that needs it. Joy is contagious and others who witness it will desire it for themselves.

Jesus has said that “we cannot know the Father except through Him.” The Father, the Creator of all, does He not wish for us a joyous life? Do we not every day feel His presence? Are we truly collaborators with Him or are we the interrupters in the wished for joyous life? Do we love Him above all else and love each other as He loves us?

Lent is our more serious season–one the Church gifts us to stop, look, and listen to Jesus. It is a joyous season as we reflect in all that the Father and Son have given us in this life. But it is the season that also asks us to become more introspective as to how we are living as a Christian; how much do we live outside of ourselves as in the Beatitudes; is life all about me and mine? can I not spend one hour with our Lord to the exclusion of all else? There is a beauty in the quietness of the soul. There has to be truth in our self examination of our relationship with God. There is joy in receiving and joy in giving. There is joy in helping others know Jesus’ journey and when you share what you have with those in need. Suffering is a part of everyone’s life. Some have suffered  more than others either personally or in the perfect sacrifice of giving one’s life for another. The Father’s love gave us His most beloved Son. The Son’s sacrifice for the love of us was His life and tortured death. Lent asks us to pray more, give willingly, and share in Jesus’s life and sacrifice and how it influences my life. Sacrifice is asking us to do something that is out of our norm and something that may be perceived as undesirable. Think. If you work, are a parent, a sibling, a child of living parents, in so many ways you can’t do what you want to do every day in every way. You are making choices/sacrifices. Lent asks us to think about making sacrifices for God. What is He asking me to do that maybe I hesitate or maybe I just don’t want to do it. Do I need Lent? WHY?