Stewardship: A Way of Life

Stewardship: A Way of Life

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How many words can one estimate that we are able to utter in a day? (A gift from God that we even have the power of speech.) And to how many people, either by phone, in person, by writing, or electronically, have we been in contact with in a day? Whether at home, in the work place, with neighbors, at the market, etc., the ability to speak with each other is essential to the comfort and success of our daily living. How could we express our needs, make the connections that every person has to have in order not to exist in isolation, or in so many ways just function? Loneliness is often the result of not being able to be in the presence of others and to be void of the necessity of contact. Not all contacts are great. But interactions of any kind are totally necessary to our human needs. A recent newspaper and TV story was of a little girl in Newton who is deaf. She smiles at all and many of her neighbors felt the loss of being unable to connect with her–no talking. And so the neighbors hired a ‘signing’ teacher to teach them all how to sign and so they could now “speak’ with her. Our need to communicate is basic to our humanity.

But is this basic human need to communicate solely reserved for human to human? And should it be? How about talking to God daily? Do we just pray to Him when it is prayer time? Or is He a part of daily lives and One with whom we interact every day. ‘God, this is hard. Please help me.’ ‘God, my kids are driving me crazy. Thank you for my many blessings that they are so beautiful and healthy. But just give me some more patience.’ ‘OH this sunset, garden or ocean or mountain, whatever, is so breath taking. Thank you for Your creations and my ability to be part of it.’ ‘I don’t know, if I can do what You are asking me to do. Please show me the way. Walk with me, when I know I can’t do it alone.’ ‘Thank you for every day that we are home safely, warm and well fed, and know that we are loved.’ What would you like to talk to Him about? Did you ever notice that in many of Jesus miracles, He was asked to……? He knows all and we cannot improve His existence. But He wants to hear from us. Jesus expressed these thoughts and asked us to come to know His Father through Him. It doesn’t take much thought to realize that without communication efforts, we   cannot know another or Him.

Some of us even talk to ourselves as we go through the day. How nice, if we were to invite God into the conversation. Many times in our lives, we will come to a fork in the road of decisions. And often we are pretty positive about which fork to take. And other times, we are nervously unsure. Have you ever found yourself going down the road that you didn’t expect to take? Might you have felt a nudge to go the other route? A good friend is always there to help with uncertainty. The One who knows you best will never lead you astray.

by Kathy Reilly