Stewardship: A Way of Life

Stewardship: A Way of Life

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It seems that any word or phrase that sounds like it restricts us is unacceptable to many. Any restrictions obviously must limit our freedoms. Right? Boundaries that might interfere with our free will seem to be a perception that is little considered, unless you don’t like them. Have we ever considered what boundaries can offer like freedom in our understanding how to live our lives? Not giving our little ones and older children boundaries in which they learn how to live safely is a serious defect and loss in their life lessons. Knowing your boundaries is like having a set of caring arms wrapped around you in which we can learn and function. We are fortunate to live in a country that permits us to learn, function, and grow in our lives somewhat freely. But even as we grow and gain additional freedoms, we soon learn that our society does have boundaries that involve our relationships with each other and with our general society. And if we do not honor these boundaries, there  are consequences. What restrictions do you not honor as you find them too limiting? And what boundaries are you not going to accept and are willing to suffer the penalties? Is not accepting a boundary really that pleasurable in your life?

Shopping has rules–boundaries. Driving is loaded with restrictions. Would you give up driving because you don’t like them? Would you prefer the chaos and injury that would result without them? Working, education, vacations, travel, libraries, every institution needs boundaries to function effectively. Does it ever occur to us how many ways boundaries affect us every day? Or do we just become aware of them when we don’t like  certain ones. One of the loudest complaints we are often aware of pertains to our religion. Did Jesus really say that? Is our religion so restrictive that it impedes with our quality of life? Many think so. And so many pick and choose which parts they like or dislike and worship or not to their own boundaries. Does our religious teaching have any real relationship with today’s living? After all, the boundaries by which we are to live and believe came down to us thousands of years ago.

God is and was our Creator. He is the Creator of all that exists in our world. We are now learning and understanding more clearly what our lack of behavior in caring for His creation is costing us. Is our behavior    changing even slightly to save and protect His creation? To stay within His suggested caring boundaries? Are the boundaries to people’s behaviors giving off consequences? Good or not so good? Is His love for all of His creation diminished because He might be fed up with the ignoring of His cautions in how to care? Does His love have boundaries? Does ours? Are the two greatest Commandments –“to love Him and our neighbor–no longer as effective as He meant them so long ago? Are Jesus’ teachings on how we are to believe in Him and His Father and the Holy Spirit out dated? Can we accept the boundaries that Jesus gave us for how we are to live our lives in order to be with Him for all eternity, still meaningful? Can we feel His loving boundaries as He gives them to us by wrapping His arms around us, loving us, and with our feeling of comfort, ease, a removal of the struggle of temptation? Knowing one’s limitations is a reward not a penalty. The more freedoms one has with no perceived boundaries, the more difficult the struggle for a happy life. Free will!!.

Remember that? He gave it to us with His consequences. Are you still debating them?

by Kathy Reilly