Stewardship: A Way of Life

Stewardship: A Way of Life

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This sounds quite harsh.  We know that we are not perfect. We don’t knowingly hurt people. We don’t cheat on our  taxes.  We are trying every day to do what is right. We pray. We are nice to others.  We even go out of our way sometimes for others. We even confess “to almighty God, and to you my brothers and sisters, that I have sinned through my own fault in my THOUGHTS and in my WORDS, IN WHAT I HAVE DONE AND IN WHAT I HAVE FAILED TO DO……”  In what I have failed to do, when I had the chance to do something more, and I did not by choice.

Perfection is only in our Savior, Jesus Christ. He is not  asking us to be perfect.  He seeks humility in us.  He seeks our recognition that we are needy—needy for Him— and needy to  repent because we are not perfect. We need His mercy.  We need His forgiveness.  We need to recognize that if we are to call ourselves  We are blessed with the gift of faith—a gift that many do not possess.

We work hard at being successful—job, education, mother, father, neighbor…..  Am I allowed to be proud?  Or is this a lack of humility.  Lack of humility begins with the “I did it myself.”  God has given us every gift that we have to succeed.  We have been blessed with health, intelligence, opportunity, neighborhood,  family, money, a mentor, whatever you had that assisted you in this success.  Do we thank God as we live our daily lives for the strength, the wisdom of others to guide us, for the ability to get through a day without the disasters that sometimes befall others?  Just how often do we express gratitude?  Is God really present in our  daily lives?  Are we more full of ourselves than we are full with God?

God is always ready. Are we ready to let Him in? We let Him in when we lose keys; when we can’t remember what we need to remember at this moment and so on. We ask whenever we need immediate help. But do we say, as  easily, thank you when we experience good times, an unexpected beauty, a thank you from someone else, a smile from another just when we needed it. Does someone need to sneeze to say ‘Bless you’?