Stewardship: A Way of Life

Stewardship: A Way of Life

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Problems don’t just occur in the North country. Think of the poor policeman in Florida who got a desperate call from a woman stuck in her car crying because someone broke into her car and stole the steering wheel. She could not drive and didn’t know how to call the insurance company or even what to do next. So she called the police. The police arrived, assessed the situation, calmed the woman down, helped her out of the car as he was explaining that she was sitting  in the back seat. Troubles everywhere.

Winters can be very difficult for many in cold climates unless you are an outdoors sports enthusiast. Then it’s love. But for most of us—not so. It makes one think about life and what do you do when things are not going the way that satisfies you and makes you happy. Can you live in the moment or do you live only dreaming of the future when things will go the way that you would prefer them to go. Weather is a big issue for many.  But an inability to make the most of now, whatever the now is, is a major problem.

God granted us every precious moment that we have and no magic ball in which to look into for the future that we are waiting for. Time has a value that nothing else has. And to waste it is a sin to some. The time given to us is unknown and out of our control to manage. So what do I do?

Suggestions made by well meaning family members or friends might help or then again there might be criticism. Busy people for whom there is never enough time can resent others that have time to spare. Here is the rub. When do we seek help or when do we just have to figure it out ourselves. And what if we can’t figure it out and we don’t want to ask for help. There is no one plan or size that fits all. So the burden of what to do with ones’s life today and not next week, month, year is ours alone to contemplate. Our life is our life.

First comes the assessment. Realistically, what can I physically, mentally or emotionally do? What can I do and what can I not do? What do I like to do? What is my support system—friends, families, neighbors, doctors, etc.? Can I talk on the phone and renew friendships, especially for those also housebound? Can I use the computer to connect or maybe take a course, or search or learn something new? How well do you know your neighbors or if they need help in anyway? How much TV can one actually watch and enjoy? How does God fit into my timetable? If I can’t get to Mass, do I watch it, the Rosary and other spiritual programs on Catholic stations? Maybe today, this moment, is what God has been waiting for — you reaching out to reconnect with Him. Time, don’t waste it. Time, make it count. Time is a gift to me this moment. If I can’t get out, can I bring others to me that need prayers? Can I look around and see so many things that I don’t need. Others do need.  Be it clothes, cooking pans, furniture, whatever, lighten your load and lighten your heart. Today is the day I reach out, beyond the cold and snow and make someone happy, as the old but good song goes. Every moment is precious. It requires value. It requires us to live in it and not put it away for the future that we think we have. Time offers opportunities.