Stewardship: A Way of Life

Stewardship: A Way of Life

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A short time before Christmas Mom said to her children, “It is time to make out our Christmas lists for Santa.”  And the reply from the eleven year old was, a bit defiantly, “I am NOT going to give him a list this year.” Fearing the worst, Mom asked, “Why not?” And the reply was that “He only gives me what he wants to give me. He doesn’t give me what I ask for!”

(Editor’s note: For several years he asked for a baby sister and then recently when that did not work, he asked for a dog. Neither has been delivered. He was right.)

Does this sound familiar? ALL PRAYERS ARE HEARD BY GOD, AND ALL PRAYERS ARE ANSWERED! But HE doesn’t give me what I have prayed for. For different reasons, our prayers are answered. Just not always the way WE decided that they should be delivered. The old joke—-just tell God what YOUR plans are!

We believers do believe that God listens to our prayers. But some have the problem of being judgmental regarding the result of these prayers and requests. “I am not good enough and so God doesn’t grant me my wishes.” It is not our job or ability to judge God’s reasoning for what are His actions. Many times our prayers are answered and we don’t recognize the answer. Something happens in our lives that WE did not plan on  and our life changes and goes in a different direction. And usually this direction is a better one. And maybe more challenging that we might want. But did we ever figure God was involved? Or were we just unlucky. Other people are lucky and we don’t see ourselves as lucky.  Luck is not what believers should count on. Luck is arbitrary and God is never so. How many close calls have you had that never did happen to you? Maybe God gave you the nudge that was needed. God’s ways are to be our ways, even if we don’t understand why this or that is happening. Our ‘way of life’ is to accept what we cannot control and do the best in our lives with the life given to us. God is not controlling  everything in our lives. We have choices. And it is those choices that we will answer for at the pearly gates. It is a beautiful Sunday day—too nice to go to church. Let’s go to the beach, ski, golf or whatever. Choices— response not God controlled.  Opportunities offered, response not God controlled!  HE offers. What do I do now?

What will I do with all that I have been given, even if it is not what I asked for?

by Kathy Reilly