Stewardship: A Way of Life

Stewardship: A Way of Life


Why not me? As human beings tend to do, we  look around and see things not necessarily as they are, but often as we wish them to be. We see happiness in another that seems to exceed anything that we feel. We see unhappiness and are sure it is not as problematic as our own. We see another’s success and bemoan our fate that such success should be mine. How lucky is that other.

God gifted us all with life. We are all different and no two are the same—even twins. Our talents, rewards, successes, difficulties are as individualistic as every breath we take. If we live in this country, we have already been given so much more than most of the world, that many people, too many to count, risk their lives for just a piece of what we have. And yet we find ourselves often dissatisfied. As the Rabbi said, “Bad things happen to good people.” All of God’s people were created good. But things happen. Because this is life and if we are to live, then many things will happen to us that are out of our control. How we deal with them makes the difference. How often do we look back and say that ‘I wish I had done this differently.’ That’s OK. The important thing is to live. To roll with the    punches. And in living,  own our lives while not trying to be wishful for another’s for our happiness. God has always wanted us to be happy and fulfilled in this life that He has created for each of  us.

Another New Year begins and hopefully welcomed. It is easy to make resolutions. And difficult to keep them, if we even remember them. So make only one promise. I will live every moment of my life and with a smile on my face. God has always walked with me and I will know of His presence every day. Be positive. Be happy. Be the eternal optimist. Life is good in so many ways. I will know and appreciate them every day. I will talk with God and ask His help, especially whenever I need it. Why me? Because why not me. A host of good and not so good things happen every day. Some of each will be mine. And never will I wish one of my trials should have happened to  another. For if I really look around, I will see troubles and needs that far exceed anything that I have had to put up with at any point in my life. Life is good and even better when we work to make it so.

Happy New Year today and every day that we have to live according to God’s plan. I will be grateful. I will say thank you often. I will smile every day, especially at someone who doesn’t smile back. I will say my prayers in thanksgiving to God always. And included in those prayers will always be words for those who need our help and prayers for those who have no one to pray for them. I will be joy filled for every thing.  Why not for me!


  by Kathy Reilly