Stewardship: A Way of Life

Stewardship: A Way of Life

A fork in the road

Words from the great philosopher, Yogi Berra, the Yankees catcher, were “When you come to a fork in the road,  take it.” And so we have to go forward, no matter the feeling or knowledge as to which fork we should take. But how many of us in our uncertainty stop for a minute and think of God as our companion on this road and in this choice? And how often, if we are truthful, did we take a fork choice that was not what we initially wanted and in the end the result was the better choice. Have we ever believed that we might have gotten a little nudge from our heavenly partner?

All of life is blessed with choices. And in thanks to our God, we live in a land of choices that we can make. And we can live with the consequences without fear of outside forces interfering in our lives. The choices every day may be as small as to what color pants shall I wear today to the bigger shall I marry this person or shall I take this job, or shall I move, or shall I enter the religious life, etc. Or shall I volunteer my time? It is often believed that if I asked you for $10.00 that I could get it quicker from you than if I asked you for 10 minutes of your time. Volunteering? Is it part of your life?

The Fall season brings us back to our ‘normal’ scheduling of our lives. And we also start hearing from others a request for your time. And I am in this group. Historically a major complaint from Church parishioners was that we, the members of our local church, had little to no ability to influence our parish lives. Everything was decided for us. And now with the Vatican II  changes and the demise in numbers of priests and religious to assist us, we have a  problem. Here we are and where are you???? There are so many aspects of parish life and so few to help out. We have to give up some of our ‘giving ways’ because we have no one to help deliver the service. Or if we don’t give them up, the burden on the few helpers increases substantially. There are all kinds of services to assist in and all kinds of time required to choose from. If you cannot get out of your home, there is the Prayer Line. We are looking for volunteers to receive a call and pray for someone who is in  need of prayer. Talk to God for another. No heavy lifting!  We have our Fall picnic coming up and the ‘details’ are endless. Could you have helped in any small way? We will find times and ways for you to assist to cooperate with your life schedules.

Just look around and see what is happening—in the Mass—in the activities presented—in the bulletin notices—everywhere you see a lay person, think about could I do this?

Think about the example that we present to our young. My grandchild told another that ‘he had to go to church  because his grandmother did the flowers and he had to tell me whether I did a good job or not’. Whatever works!!  Please help us and your self. I will post a list next week of ways that you might become a more active God’s child. Please think about it.