Stewardship: A Way of Life

Stewardship: A Way of Life


How many times in life does something happen that may directly or indirectly involve us?  But upon reflection, we know that we should have responded in some way and we did not. If we are very fortunate, we may have a second chance to rectify ourselves and hopefully we do. Reflection: it almost always happens at funerals. We hear things about the deceased that we had no idea that he/she was involved in and yet we thought we knew this person. How well do we pay attention to each other and note their goodness when it is being lived?  As Christians, we don’t do things in order to be recognized, but it is still nice to have someone notice our efforts at the time. Nice for both the giver and the receiver.

Selected readings at these services are often repeated as we hear again “a time to live; a time to die; etc.”  Do we really need someone else to remind us that we live in a limited time span? Yes, we know it, when we are forced to confront it. But do we live it every day—-not in fear or remorse— but in joy for the time we have been given. With a minimum of  reflective “I shoulda..”

That has been a lot of discussion lately about the lack of civility. How would we rate ourselves in this discussion? As Christians, hopefully very high!  When we see someone struggle, at that moment do we hold a door, or smile, or say “can I help?“ Are we so self absorbed in thought or mechanical devices, that we do not even notice? Is life happening all around us and we don’t even notice it? Or be in it?

“I  shoulda……”  is a very sad, a very pathetic, a should be very poor excuse for an action not taken. If we are supposed ‘to love one another as I have loved you,’ we can not go through life without being civil (respecting) or noticing another’s difficulties or acting in a way that says ‘I am doing for you what I hope another will do for me’. ‘Will you help feed me?’  (Community Council needs food.)  Will you help clothe me? (check your closet)  Will you visit me?  (loneliness of the elderly or others even in families) And so much more. Stewardship:  A Way of Life.

Summer is here. Heavy duty responsibilities hopefully are lessened. Joy in nature is more easily attainable. Families gather. Summer for most brings happiness. But for some, it does not. Who are they?