Stewardship: A Way of Life

Stewardship: A Way of Life

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A little history again.  How many flags are on the altar and what do they represent?  2 flags.  On the left is the American flag with its 13 stripes (13 original colonies) and 50 stars (50 states).  On the right is a yellow and white flag.  No, it is not the state- Massachusetts – flag.  Please go up and look at it extended.  It has the keys to the Kingdom and a representative Vatican picture on it. The Pope’s residence was lastly in France with the schism ending in 1417 – 1431.  The Papacy returned to Rome where it has been since. This flag represents the return to Rome for the Pope.

The podium.: On the front of it are 4 figures  each representing a Gospel—-Matthew, Mark Luke, and John.   The CROSS:  This magnificent Cross was donated by the Creedon family—Dr. Francis and Mary Creedon — at the time of the creation of our church space.   The 12 stained glass windows behind the altar (Cross) —6 on each side— represent the 12 Apostles.  A window for each. The 2 stained glass windows at the back of the church and over the exit door represent the Archangels on one and Christ on the other.

Now your turn:  How many glorious stained glass windows do we have on the side walls of the church and what is the title of each?  Answer later. And what about the beautiful Last Supper carving under the altar. What do you know about that?

How many Pastors (including our current Administer) have we had and their names? Answer later. Think !!!

All too often we do not even notice the obvious. The obvious is all around us.  Its familiarity is so, just so familiar, that we don’t process it anymore.  And in this familiar surround is always God’s handiwork.  His creation abounds; His people-children- are there as well.  But do we notice each other, help each other where needed, or even just smile in recognition of their existence?  Have we maintained our sense of curiosity that was so there in childhood, when we continually asked WHY  WHY  WHY?  We would not give up until we got the answer. Can we find our senses active with questions and we never bother to find the WHY or What is that?  One of our seminarians staying with us a few years ago just used to stop and stare at our roads. They were near miracles to him compared to the bumpy, dirty, hole filled dirt paths he was used to navigating as roads.

Never should we lose our curiosity sense or willingness to ask a question for things not known.  If we do, we are losing our youth and ability to participate in the life all around us.

God gave us the sense of wonder.  Life is much poorer, if we don’t experience it.