Stewardship: A Way of Life

Stewardship: A Way of Life

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The Stained Glass Windows:  Are you able to identify them?  There are seven windows.  Starting from the back left side, the windows are as follows:  The Annunciation to Mary from the Archangel. The next: The Nativity.  Next:  Jesus, the Good Shepherd. Next: The Resurrection.  And finally on the left side is the window depicting the 7 Sacraments. Can you name them and connect them to the symbol in the window?

On the right side (school side). First is the Ascension. Look at Jesus right hand and the position of His fingers.  When 3 fingers are held up, it signifies the Trinity—Father, Son and Holy Spirit. When 2 fingers are held up, it signifies His dual persons—human and divine. Lastly, is the window depicting the Descent of the Holy Spirit on us all. Jesus said He would not leave us alone. And we are not, as we have in our lives, every moment 24/7 God’s gift of the most Holy Spirit, the Third Person of the Trinity.

The Reception:  This past Sunday we had the very beautiful 11:30 Mass prayed for us by our newly ordained priest, Father Lambert Nieme, our former Deacon. At the Mass and a very welcomed sight was our own past Pastor, Father Phil. Additionally recognized was young Joe Nedder, who composed another original song which he sang so beautifully.  Joe leaves us to go college next year. He will be very much missed in the choir and as our Cantor. Following the Mass was a reception downstairs in the dining hall—Ward Hall. Such happiness for Father Lambert and our welcomed surprise was the presence of Father Phil. The food was great; the company of all was joyful; the volunteers were moved with joy and did their thing extremely well.  Sudbury Farms once again delivered a full, delicious, and satisfied tummy to all. All present felt the joy of our very special St. Barts community. As we go on vacations and other summer experiences, we hope coming back in the fall, you will in great numbers join your community at our welcome back cook-out. Father Derek, his staff, and the many others that make up our church community bless us with their devotion to our Catholic life. All are always welcomed as we reflect our Stewardship:  A Way of Life.

Please support and remember your church over the summer, be it home or away. The church needs you and you need your church. The over programmed life we lead should slow down in the summer. On the seventh day He rested. And so should we, at Mass.

Have a wonderful summer.  Let us pray the sun shines and often.